Dave Swartz

Dave Swartz is the co-founder and president of MEDL Mobile – a mobile industry pioneer that has designed, developed and deployed more than 350 mobile apps for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms — with several reaching as high as #1 on the App Store. Under Dave’s direction, MEDL has driven more than 35M downloads across its library of applications for companies and partners ranging from Taco Bell, Teleflora, Medtronic, Hyundai and Experian to Marlee Matlin, Sarah Silverman, Real Madrid and Game Show Network.

Prior to founding MEDL, Dave was a seasoned advertising creative director – having won numerous prestigious regional and national advertising awards for clients ranging from automotive, publishing, financial and healthcare to fast food, pharmaceuticals, packaged goods and retail.

In 2013, Dave led a team that pioneered the space of live-streaming video, creating the Hang w/ platform which reached more than 8M users via live-streaming video and simultaneous chat. Dave led user experience and talent relations for the platform and helped bring on board hundreds of actors, athletes, and musicians including Jared Leto, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Common, The UFC, Larry The Cable Guy, Kaskade, Lucy Hale, Nathan Fillion, Soulja Boy, Ne-Yo, Terrell Owens and many more.

Along with members from Google, Intel, AT&T and Facebook – Dave serves as a founding board member of the Developers Alliance, an organization that represents more than 75,000 software developers across the US and around the world. On the Alliance, Dave serves as chair of the Innovator Policy Council, helping craft policy and the organization’s position in favor of this dynamic and rapidly growing group of workers who are driving innovation.

He lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife, two children, and two dogs.