When You Can’t Afford the Basics

At Giving Children Hope, we partner with schools and nonprofits to provide food and meet the basic needs of children and families who are food insecure, unstably housed, and living in poverty. One of our parents, Tina, is a single mom with two kids. Tina had to work long hours to keep up with bills and make sure there was enough food on the table. With COVID shutting down the schools, she had to rely on family members to watch her children. Even so, her low wage job didn’t pay enough to provide the basics for her family.


Working with our nonprofit partner Higher Ground Youth & Family Services, we were able to provide her with weekly food, as well as comforters, clothing, and other household goods.
Tina and her family feel much less stressed now. They are grateful for the fruits and healthy snacks which help with the kids’ mental and physical development.