We would like you to meet Shub


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We would like you to meet Shub. He is a happy and busy six year old who has been coming to George Mark Children’s House for respite care since he was three years old.

Can you imagine packing your three year old son for an overnight stay without you? Now, also imagine that your son, like Shub, has a serious medical condition. Diagnosed at birth with a life-limiting illness which prevents the absorption of nutrients from food during digestion, Shub must receive all of his nutrition intravenously. Additionally, he has severe hearing loss in both ears.

Shub’s dad, Vikash, and mom, Priti sought respite care at George Mark Children’s House when they learned that Priti’s sister would be married in a joyful family wedding celebration that they so longed to attend. Vikash and Priti are the first of their family to live in the United States, and they had not visited their parents or siblings in India since Shub was born.

Vikash and Priti initially wanted to take both Shub and his older brother, Yash, to India for the festivities. They reluctantly faced the reality that Shub’s feeding regimen, including his bags of IV nutrition requiring refrigeration, was not portable. Additionally, some of his medications were not available in India.

When Priti and Vikash visited George Mark, they were amazed that help was available, and that Shub was able to stay for the three weeks their trip required.  After staying overnight with Shub, his parents breathed a sigh of relief that George Mark’s staff had the qualifications and experience to take care of their medically fragile son.

George Mark’s staff welcomed Shub, and made him feel comfortable in his temporary home. They learned to read Shub’s signals, and introduced him to the pleasures of a respite care stay, including going for wagon rides, and playing with gentle and attentive therapy dogs who visited him daily.

A respite stay at George Mark allowed Shub to broaden his world, and helped his parents maintain their family connections across the miles. In Vikash’s words: “There are no words to express the enjoyment and happiness you feel. It’s more than my wife’s being at her sister’s wedding. We felt so happy to see the relatives. From a human kindness point of view, George Mark offers extreme help.

Thanks to George Mark supporters like yourself for providing true peace of mind to a family who never dreamed that the support they needed most was available to them at no charge.

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