6-year-old Uzziel was diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks after his family had recovered from COVID-19. Mom stayed with him at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles whenever Dad was able to get a few hours of work, but seeing Uzziel as an inpatient at the hospital was difficult for her. From weekly hospital visits to trying to stay afloat amidst mounting medical, rent, and utility bills, the family was overwhelmed both emotionally and financially.


That was when Miracles for Kids stepped in. Through the Bill Pay Program, Miracles for Kids helped support the family with their monthly rent payments to help alleviate some of financial strain. They also delivered monthly packages filled with basic necessities and fun seasonal items were to remind Uzziel and his family that they were not alone in their battle.


Despite the challenges he faced, Uzziel remained positive. He continued with his online school in the hospital, he enjoyed helping Mom with dishes at home, and he danced whenever he could.


In May 2021, Uzziel went into remission after months of chemotherapy and radiation. A month later, his older sister graduated from University of California, Irvine. The family was overjoyed.


Like many of the 300+ families Miracles for Kids’ serves, Uzziel and his family have gone through so much, but we will continue to be here to support them as they look to the future and build financial and emotional resilience.


Miracles for Kids is one of the only organizations on the West Coast that provides monthly financial assistance, subsidized housing, mental health services and wellness activities to families with a critically-ill child. The services help create stability when families are crumbling from the financial and emotional devastation of fighting for their child’s life. Founded in 2002, Miracles for Kids has a main office in Irvine, CA and a subsidized housing complex, Miracle Manor, in Orange, CA. To learn more about how Miracles for Kids has joined forces with parents and loved ones, visit To donate, visit