Support for OASIS

My students enjoy learning the hip hop dance moves. They are excited and more engaged in school as a result. It also provides students with an opportunity to express themselves and be successful and proud of their hard work.” – Ms. Alexander, Sally Ride Elementary School Teacher


Support for OASIS has enabled us to provide vital arts programs for free to nearly 15,000 underserved youth since our inception in 2012. Together, we have helped students grow through the arts. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has given OASIS several obstacles to overcome and change how we can deliver our programs in an online format. Sally Ride Elementary, one of the schools we proudly serve, is currently learning Hip Hop dance online with live instruction.


Now more than ever, the arts are proving to be a vital part of childrens’ lives as a way to express themselves during these challenging times when they are not able to learn in a traditional classroom. We continue our mission in supporting kids by providing them a fun, positive environment where students can connect with peers and mentors, be inspired to be better students and aware citizens with creative talents.