Sophia Circumvents Suicide

Sophia is a 14 year old girl who began therapy just prior to quarantine. She wasn’t very thrilled to transition her sessions to zoom because she enjoyed the time away from her family. After working with her mother to provide a private space, Sophia was fully acclimated to Zoom and opened about her suicidal thoughts.


While living with her mother, step father, and three siblings, Sophia often felt like the black sheep. She wondered if her family might be better off without her. Due to the severity of her symptoms, Sophia’s telehealth session increased to twice a week for more intense monitoring. The Richstone therapist also worked closely with her mom to create a healthier home environment. To help remind Sophia of the love that surrounds her, her mother started to show more support for her passion and creative projects.



With the combination of increased sessions and positive changes at home, Sophia finally began to notice some significant progress. Sophia has not had suicidal ideations in two months and her

sessions were reduced back to once a week. She continues to utilize her new coping skills to maintain her elevated mood. Sophia is very proud of overcoming her obstacles.