Project Cuddle

Birthmom, Sylver, was a 15-year old that called Project Cuddle. She was VERY scared of telling her mom she was pregnant. We got all her information and together with her school counselor we were able to convince her to get prenatal care and found out Sylver was almost 7 months pregnant.

Photo Credit: Project Cuddle

Sylver told us she was able to talk to her her father had he agreed to take in both her and the baby. We met with both Sylver and her dad the following day. When he learned that Project Cuddle is a non-profit charity, and what we had done for his daughter, he suggested that maybe his Harley group could do a charity ride for us!!

Sylver has kept in contact and continues to send photos of herself, including her prom and graduation photos. We are so proud of her for reaching out to Project Cuddle in her time of need!