Focusing the Attention of Our Nation On the Most Critical Issues Facing Children Today

National Child Awareness Month brings diverse charitable organization together for a common goal.

Under the umbrella of National Child Awareness Month, a wide array of organizations can set aside their individual agendas to focus on the bigger picture of children in America today, and what is being done to address their growing challenges and needs. Our nation’s attention has been diverted away from the one resource that guarantees greatness in the future – our children. NCAM will help redirect needed attention back to children.

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Youth Ambassador Program

The National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador Program was a three year collaboration with Festival of Children Foundation and Youth Service America. Each year, a Youth Ambassador from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. was selected, trained, and commissioned to raise awareness for children’s charities and create projects that help save critical issues facing their community.


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NCAM Grants $451,500

Festival of Children has been an invaluable opportunity for us. We couldn't possibly afford to do the type of outreach that the Festival provides on our own. One of the most amazing stories from our participation in the Festival was meeting a doctor from Turkey who works with blind children there. Through this contact, a new support group was created and we have a new sister school in Turkey.
- Beyond Blindness

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For inquiries on charity participation in NCAM:

Eileen Daniher

Director of Programs


Phone: (714) 438-3286

Media inquiries and information regarding corporate sponsorships and giving opportunities:

Cassady Taylor

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For government officials:

Tom Wilson

Government Relations


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Our Mission is to improve the lives of children by strengthening the charities that serve them.
100% of administrative costs are covered by committed funding, allowing donations to go further in direct support of programs & services.
We are a top-rated charity with a Platinum rating for our financial transparency and impact.