Festival of Children®

Festival of Children® is held annually each September at South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA. This month-long celebration of childhood showcases more than 75 children’s charities that offer support, services and volunteer opportunities to the community, raising awareness of their important work.
At the same time, Festival of Children® offers children and families free access to arts, culture and educational opportunities through over 100 activities and performances. Kids and parents eagerly await the performances and activities, which can range from face painting to karate demonstrations, from tap dancing and skateboard building to wildlife show and tell and singing.
Each year 2 million people have been exposed to children’s charities through Festival of Children®, while charities have raised awareness of their work, interacted with families of potential clients, found volunteers, and even discovered donors.
Eagerly anticipated in the community every year, Festival of Children® brings the magic of childhood to all of us again.
Festival of Children has been an invaluable opportunity for us. We couldn't possibly afford to do the type of outreach that the Festival provides on our own. One of the most amazing stories from our participation in the Festival was meeting a doctor from Turkey who works with blind children there. Through this contact, a new support group was created and we have a new sister school in Turkey.
- Beyond Blindness