We shine a spotlight on charities

1 million
people exposed to children’s charities through our Festival of Children® program
5.5 million
people involved via the NCAM Challenge campaign

We invest in the success of charities

1 hours
of continuing education provided to nonprofit staff via live seminars
900 leaders
of charities received online training via our educational podcasts

We fund the dreams of charities

$ 4.6 M
distributed to charities across the country
high-impact programs identified and funded
TACA is so grateful to Festival of Children Foundation for their caring and ongoing support which helps us to fulfill our mission of educating, empowering and supporting families affected by autism. Since 2008, Festival of Children Foundation has provided non-profit mentoring, access to important tools and resources, and training opportunities targeted at sustaining TACA’s revenue opportunities. In 2014 we were honored to be invited to participate in the annual The Carousel of Possible Dreams. It’s wonderful to be part of a fun, exciting and creative way to fundraise! We’re proud to share that in 4 years TACA raised almost $80,000 towards supporting our Education and Family support programs dedicated to the many families we serve living with autism.
The Autism Community In Action (TACA)