Mustard Seed Ranch


Mustard Seed Ranch (MSR) is a charitable, nonprofit organization that provides equine-assisted, life experience programs and therapy to children throughout California and Colorado who have experienced trauma in their lives. Each year, across the country, more than six-million children suffer from abuse and maltreatment at the hands of someone they know… and trust.

Our Mission is to break the cycle of child abuse by providing abused and neglected youth a safe environment to heal and equipping them with the physical, emotional, and spiritual skills to lead healthy, productive lives.


At Mustard Seed Ranch, each child is introduced to a special, new friend – a horse – who will show them unconditional love, teach them about respect and forgiveness, and help guide them through their journey toward recovery.

Our horses best replicate human relational behavior and have the innate ability to understand and respond to people’s emotions and energy. This makes them the perfect “teachers.”

The youth in our program are asked to take on the responsibility of caring for their horses and, in doing so, begin to form a strong bond, build a trusting relationship, and learn how to deal with life’s most challenging emotional issues.

The Miracle of Mustard Seed Ranch is the use of animals in a faith-focused program that helps youth break the cycle of abuse in their lives and experience unconditional love for the first time. The life changing experience helps these kids reestablish relationships through developing bonds of forgiveness and trust, which serves as the foundation for their healing, ability to belong, and faith knowing the future holds hope and a purpose.

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