Center for Supportive Schools

The mission of the Center for Supportive Schools (CSS) is to develop, disseminate, and promote peer leadership, advisory, and other evidence-based K-12 solutions that enable and inspire schools to more fully engage students in learning, better connect students to their schools, motivate and equip students to make decisions responsibly, and accelerate academic achievement.

Founded in 1979, the Center for Supportive Schools is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with additional offices located in Wake Forest, NC and New York City. Our staff and board include leaders in education, psychology, public health, law, public policy, research, and evaluation. The commitment and dedication of our staff and board have established CSS’s reputation of excellence in leadership training and educational innovation. Together, we are working tirelessly to ensure that CSS achieves its vision that one day, all children will thrive in schools that graduate them prepared for the rigors of college and a life filled with meaningful work, active citizenship, and personal fulfillment.

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