Opportunities Provided by Wooden Floor

“The Wooden Floor provides a lot of opportunities. It allows you to be yourself, to get to know people, but also to get know yourself. You’re encouraged to reflect on how you feel and on how you can improve as a person and as a dancer. Being here has helped me feel closer to my family. When my parents come and watch me dance or bring me to dance class, it makes me feel loved and supported. When I dance, I feel inspired by the other people dancing around me. I feel expressive – whatever I’m feeling, I’m able to convey it into physical form. I feel heard and seen.”
Cecilia, Class of 2023

Cecilia has been at The Wooden Floor since the 5th grade and currently has a 4.8 GPA. Her Academic Advisor at The Wooden Floor encouraged her to apply to the prestigious Quest Bridge College Scholars Program, where she was accepted and will work towards getting matched in the highly competitive National College Match Program for a full-ride college scholarship. Cecilia’s dream school is UC Davis, where she hopes to study animal sciences to fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She is a role model for her peers and for her younger sister, Anahi, who is also at The Wooden Floor.