MOMS Giving Support

Since 1992, MOMS Orange County (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) has provided free access to prenatal care, health screenings, infant development screenings, health education and referral services through monthly home visits and group classes. But MOMS OC work doesn’t stop at baby’s birth; we continue visiting baby and parent throughout the first year with screenings, infant care education and family support. More than 90% of babies who complete our program are developmentally on track and, parents are informed and confident.
We help women like Hilda – who like many, may find themselves experiencing some of life’s most difficult trials – to know they are not alone.

We invite you to read Hilda’s story:

“Not long ago, I lost three people I love very much: my mother, my father and then my sister. When they died – all within the course of two years – I fell into deep despair. My heart was broken and in pain. I was alone most of the time because my husband worked constantly. Later, we ended up separating. I had two children and was having a very hard time raising them, especially my older son who is on the autism spectrum. My world became hopeless, and I felt overwhelmed. It all became too much for me and one day I swallowed an entire bottle of pills. Thankfully, I was found and hospitalized.

Months later, I became pregnant. I had not planned this, and I was scared and embarrassed. How could I be the mom I needed to be for this baby and for my other kids? My obstetrician referred me to MOMS Orange County for pregnancy education and for depression. Rita became my MOMS Home Visitor and right away she said, “Hilda, I am not here to judge you; I am here to walk this journey with you.

In the beginning, she called me every week. Rita reminded me that “life is not easy, but you will get through this” and she listened, encouraged me and built my confidence. She also gave me lots of information on caring for myself, my pregnancy and about infant health and development. She provided diapers and other infant essentials. She also helped me get more professional counseling after my initial therapy ended. Rita has been there for me all the way! When my newborn boy arrived this past August, I knew the road ahead wouldn’t magically be easy, but I was more prepared. I felt stronger as a mother. Also, I found myself falling in love more and more with my baby boy.

Thanks to therapy and the support of MOMS Orange County, I am no longer alone, and I have become a better mom to my children.

This year, MOMS Orange County will serve more than 4,000 mothers, fathers and babies, and it is our privilege to walk this important journey with them. As MOMS Orange County celebrates 30 years of service, we are mindful of the very positive impact made on the health of vulnerable mothers and babies – thanks to friends like you!