Meet Trinity and hear her family’s story

“In the summer of 2018, a small mass on Trinity’s neck was being treated as an ear infection that had drained into her lymph node. After back to back rounds of antibiotics, the mass on her neck had grown to the size of a baseball. A CT scan confirmed a solid mass tumor. “Your child has cancer,” they said – words no family wants to hear. Our whole world stopped that day. Trinity spent the next 12 days in the hospital for testing, scans, a bone marrow biopsy, broviac central line placement, and her first round of chemotherapy. The next 12 months were a total blur – in and out of hospitals for chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions, labs, neck surgery – All throughout, Trinity has remained our amazing, spunky, special baby girl. She is so happy just spending time with her sisters, Cierra and Anastasia, and loves to get her nails painted. Finding joy in everyday and finding time for yourself, your spouse, and your other kids becomes a challenge. We learned that when a child is diagnosed, the whole family becomes diagnosed. The Children’s Cancer Center has been an incredible support for our entire family. There is no possible way to put into words what they mean to us. How can I explain the huge blessing it is to have a second family, to have a group of people who “get it”, to have a group of people who want to celebrate even the smallest of happy times and accomplishments? How can I explain how great it is to have a group of people to simply hug you during the most brutal of times? The Children’s Cancer Center means the world to us. Regardless of the event we are attending, our moods when we get there, or the heaviness on our hearts that day, we are always greeted with a smile, hug and a “we got you” feeling the moment we step foot into the Children’s Cancer Center. It really is a place to rest, breath, regroup, make new friends, and reconnect. We are blessed beyond words to have the Children’s Cancer Center as a part of our family.” -Trinity’s Family