Losing Jobs, but Gaining Hope

This past year was particularly difficult for the families we serve. For those parents who are employed, many do not have the luxury of having jobs where they can work from home. This meant they were at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Giving Children Hope meets the most basic needs of families, like the Davis’s, giving them the stability, they need to break free from the cycle of need and move towards a future filled with hope.


One of our families, the Davis’ family, was struggling financially when the mother lost her job. The father continued to work, but suddenly became sick with COVID and also lost his job. With no income, they couldn’t afford food, rent, or any other basic expense. They approached their school and were enrolled into our We’ve Got Your Back program where they began receiving weekly food.


Receiving nutritious food each week took some of the burden off of the parents, knowing that their children could participate in their education with a full belly. This also gave the father the chance to recover and the mother the opportunity to look for new work that would empower their family towards a better tomorrow.