Justice for Children- The Story of Hope

A mother reached out to the agency in hopes of getting help in keeping her children that were getting physically abused by their father safe. The father had a severe alcohol problem and as a result would often physically harm his children when they were in his care. The mother sought a protection order on behalf of her children so that they could be safe. The protection order was granted and the children were able to continue to be safe for a year. It was getting to the end of the protection order and the mother was in a panic. She reached out to Justice for Children for guidance as to what to do. We were able to provide her referrals for an attorney which one of them she later hired. Moreover, the organization facilitated a conference call with the attorney and the current therapist so we could all talk about how to better assist the children. Due to our involvement the attorney was not only able to successfully connect to the therapist, but also we got the therapist to agree to advocate for the children in court as well.