Justice for Children-Story of Collaboration

A mother sought out help for her daughter that was getting sexually abused by the father.  When the daughter first disclosed to the mother about the abuse the mother went to the police for help however the police claimed that that was not a matter they deal with so they referred the case to CPS.  At the time of the incident the child was three so when CPS came out the daughter did disclose the abuse, but soon after out of fear of retaliation from the father the daughter said that it was not true.  This resulted into CPS closing out the case, but after the case was closed the daughter continued to disclose to the mother.  The mother reached out to CPS again but CPS said that mom was coaching the daughter and closed out the case again.  Mom then had to put daughter in therapy to sort out her trauma. Months later mother tried to get a protective order for her daughter who was still being abused however the judge that oversaw the protective order hearing denied it and even awarded Full Custody to the dad while ignoring documented evidence.  It was later found out that the same judge was later investigated and fired from the bench because of his constant favoritism towards fathers.  Now that some time has passed the daughter is finally ready to speak up.  This lead to the mother reaching out to our organization for help.  The agency worked together with the mother’s attorney and was able get an upcoming hearing so that the daughter can finally be heard.