Joshua & Joseph’s Unlimited Possibilities

Abilities that come naturally for many children often require extra effort and attention for children with disabilities. Joshua and Joseph’s mom Shantel calls her 2-year-old twin boys her “miracle babies” as both had faced a life-threatening lower urinary tract obstruction in utero at 12 weeks. At 6 months old, Joshua was diagnosed with a Gross Motor Developmental Delay, a Fine Motor Developmental Delay, and a Developmental Feeding Delay. At the same time, Joseph was diagnosed with Hypotonia, a Gross Motor Development Delay, and a Developmental Feeding Delay.

After receiving their diagnoses, the family found support at Unlimited Possibilities’ Pediatric Therapy Center in Santa Ana. Through weekly visits over the last two years, Joseph and Joshua have been working hard to achieve their unique developmental milestones through play-based Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy sessions. Their mother, Shantel shared, “Unlimited Possibilities has helped give the boys confidence in their abilities, helped them grow stronger and use the tools their therapists have given them to achieve their goals.” In just the last year, Joseph has gained the ability to sit, crawl, stand and walk with assistance. He is also learning to eat foods with more texture and self-feed. Joshua has learned to walk, climb stairs, is learning to self-feed, and eat more challenging foods

Today, Joshua and Joseph are bright and playful toddlers who love watching Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies together. When it comes to playtime, Joseph loves to catch and play with bubbles while Joshua prefers helping mom “clean up” and playing with his kitchen set. “Unlimited Possibilities has been a godsend to our family. Without this therapy, I would have been lost. They have been a huge support system because the therapists go above and beyond with the level of care they provide.”

For 70 years, Unlimited Possibilities, formerly known as UCP of Orange County, has been the trusted source of hope and joy for children and families with disabilities. We are champions and advocates for those we serve, conquering stereotypes, social stigma, and barriers. Through six comprehensive programs, our caregivers, specialists, and therapists empower and challenge every person in our care to look beyond limitations and grow toward a life of independence, joy, and fulfillment, no matter their circumstance or diagnosis.