Jill’s Story

After fleeing an abusive husband, Jill found herself living in her car with her six-year-old son. Jill spent over 6 months seeking shelter opportunities until she found Families Forward. Through working with a housing specialist, Jill was able to immediately locate safe housing. Her Case Manager helped Jill set goals, providing budget training so she could better manage her money and pay off her debts. With the support of a Families Forward Career Coach, Jill enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. During the program, Jill was able to start saving money to further become financially stable.

Jill recently graduated from her CNA program with straight A’s and is working full-time, living in a Families Forward affordable housing unit and thriving with her son. Through a team of Families Forward staff specialists, Jill received the support she needed to regain housing security and financial stability.