I Knew that All She Wanted Was Love and Affection

GlamourGals is a nonprofit organization that inspires and organizes teen volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women in senior homes. We are creating a movement of compassionate teen leaders working to end elder isolation. Success Stories Photo GlamourGals

GlamourGals provides a reciprocal sense of purpose to two generations in a fun, engaging way. For students, it provides the opportunity for personal growth and community leadership. For senior citizens, it brings conversation, compassion, and connection.

Here is a story from one of our student volunteers, Julissa from New York City.

The senior home my chapter visits is such a special site to me. We have all grown so attached to the women here. I have written numerous journals about the residents before, but it is always a pleasure to recount our experiences. I was so happy to see Reiko, Hildegard, and Catherine who we’ve visited for years.

Reiko, as usual, had a lot to talk about and wanted to repaint her nails a ruby red. Hildegard always enjoys speaking to our PR officer, who also worked on introducing our new members to Catherine. I examined the room for any women I hadn’t met yet. I walked over to Eileen. She greeted with the biggest smile.

Eileen was hesitant to let me paint her nails at first because she assumed that she would need to give me a tip. I began to give her a manicure. She told me that she didn’t recognize that our chapter was from my school because we were so diverse. When she was growing up, my school was a predominately white school. Eileen mentioned how beautiful it was to see that times have changed. I asked my friend to assist me in painting Eileen’s nails so that I could greet other ladies. She and Eileen had a lovely conversation that ended in the sweetest hug and kiss.

I walked to the back of the room where I saw the other resident named Catherine. Catherine does not seem very pleasant when you first meet her, but she is honestly the sweetest lady I have met. Catherine is always screaming and leaning forward as if she wants to get up. Girls usually don’t ask her if she wants a manicure because they fear that she may scream or say no. I was so surprised by the response she gave me when I finally got the courage to ask her.

Catherine said yes and gave me the longest hug. She wouldn’t let me go. I knew that all she wanted was love and affection. I continued to hug her until she wanted me to stop. She couldn’t decide what color she wanted to paint her nails so I chose for her. She is a simple person so I thought a nude would fit her personality. Catherine was pretty restless as I paint her nails, but I knew she appreciated the company.

I will never forget the time I spent with her. I know now that she deserves as much love and attention as all the other ladies. I cannot wait to be back.

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Author: Julissa