Heather, Tyler, and Lily Find Solace at Friendly Center

During quarantine, Heather began experiencing increased physical abuse by her husband, which ultimately led to his arrest at their home. This left Heather caring for her two children, Tyler and Lily, alone for the first time. They all struggled with the emotional strife of experiencing domestic violence, their family being torn apart, and an already low household income being greatly reduced. Heather could hardly cover their basic needs, much less pay for mental health support, though she felt it was greatly needed. It was during this time that Heather called Friendly Center. Immediately, she was put in touch with a Friendly Center Family Support Advocate, Alejandra, who arranged an emergency grocery assistance appointment for the family and signed them up to participate in food distributions. Alejandra then helped enroll Tyler and Lily in free counseling through Friendly Center; Heather also began attending counseling and a weekly support group for victims of domestic violence. Heather shares, “I feel like we are on a path toward a better future. This is something I didn’t think was possible after all we have been through, but Friendly Center made it possible.”