Angels and Harps

Camille and Kennerly Kitt are multi-talented professional harpists, actresses and identical twin sisters. Known as the Harp Twins, these young women have achieved extraordinary success by taking electric harps and acoustic concert grand harps to unprecedented levels and smashing boundaries between different genres of music. The duo has amassed over 1 million fans across their social media sites and over 50 million views on their YouTube music videos, easily making them the most followed and recognizable harp duo in the world. As actors, the Kitt Twins have appeared in commercials, TV shows, and four feature films. Mixing their virtuoso harp skills with their stunningly complex arrangements of rock, metal, and soundtrack hits, the Harp Twins perform internationally, delivering exciting performances to packed audiences. They have a worldwide following that is second to none.

Add one more entry to their list of interests and accomplishments: they are devoted supporters of the Marklund Wasmond Center at Little Angels.

Little Angels, located in Elgin, IL, is home for 57 children and young adults with severe disabilities and complex medical needs. Their cousin Justin lived at Little Angels for a number of years before he passed away.

“Little Angels is a very special place that is close to our hearts because of our cousin, Justin. Justin taught us more than we can express. Because of Justin, spending time and volunteering with those with profound challenges and special needs has been a passion of ours for our entire lives. We began volunteering as ‘buddies’ for children with special needs when we were 8 years old, and have life-long friendships that grew from it – our love for these special individuals has never faded.”

When Camille and Kennerly are not touring, filming or recording, they visit Little Angels and perform for the grateful residents. “We volunteer at the facility and we have brought in our small blue Harpsicle Harps for our ‘Little Angels’ to have on their laps and pull the strings. They love it – and we do too! These kids cannot walk, talk, or care for themselves in the way that we are all accustomed to – but they are amazing people with unique personalities and contagious smiles.”

There is an ever increasing amount of evidence on the benefits of music for people with disabilities. Looking at photos from their recent visit, it is obvious how much the Little Angels residents benefit from, not only the Harp Twins’ beautiful music, but also their kindness, compassion, and generous loving spirit.

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