After-School All-Stars Shares Success

After-School All-Stars Ohio has served a student from KIPP Columbus since 2020. Over the years, he has sometimes struggled to regulate his emotions and have positive interactions with other kids. Throughout the school year, he tended to keep to himself. We were uncertain about how he would interact with other students when he was invited to our week-long college readiness camp at The Ohio State University in June 2022. At first he was very shy, but he opened up by the end of the first day. He quickly made friends with all of the All-Stars students who attended from other schools. He participated in every activity with a positive attitude and took every opportunity to learn about careers and colleges seriously. He won an award at the end of camp for being such an outstanding camper. By the end of camp, he was so sad to leave. He said that it had been one of the best weeks of his life. He made sure to get all of the students’ numbers so they can stay in contact, and he is already looking forward to CampUs next year.