Friends of Santa Ana Zoo

As the non-profit supporting the Santa Ana Zoo, FOSAZ has been at a halt since March 16, 2020 due to the pandemic and closure of the Zoo. Without our sources of income from the rides, membership and gift shop, we’ve had to furlough the staff. The events and programming, including Zoo Camp for the children, have been canceled. Of course, we cannot predict what will happen as this pandemic continues to unfold without these revenue streams, but in the meantime the Zoo has had to operate without a substantial source of its revenue. With such a loss, we humbly seek your donations as a match to our Executive Director’s generous donation. In other words, your donations, dollar for dollar will be matched up to $5000. This is a good opportunity for you to see your dollars doubled during this difficult time. If you donate $25, she will match it with $25 to make a $50 contribution to the Zoo.

Please consider investing in the Zoo’s future so that we may continue to serve the community for years to come.

Visit our website at to find out more.



Western Youth Services

Western Youth Services serves thousands of local children and families with integrated mental health services. Due to COVID-19, our therapists have had to pivot to providing services remotely using telehealth sessions for our clients. Because of this, we have had some important and immediate needs related to the proper materials needed to facilitate these calls and continue providing local families support and services.

We are in direct need for donations of the following items: Laptops for therapists who don’t have reliable ones, Portable work stations (desks) to use at home, Headphones for clients for telehealth for privacy, Back support for home chairs and Hot spots and/or mi-fis. If you have access to any of these items, please e-mail:



Arts & Learning Conservatory

Arts & Learning Conservatory is in need of financial support. The economic impact of COVID-19 has been immediate, as our program delivery (band, strings, voice, dance, theater) to children has been directly impacted by school closures and restrictions on gathering (performances etc). As a result of social distancing restrictions, in-person program delivery occurring at local schools (both during the school day and after school) and at the Conservatory site have been placed on hold. Enrollment for Spring and/or Summer classes has declined 110% compared to same 90-day period last year. This dramatic decline has reduced earned income revenue to a fraction of normal levels, which will cause a domino-effect of capacity challenges without emergency support of $76,000.

Funding: Unrestricted gifts are appreciated towards our need of $76,000 to be used for general operations and expenses. Cyber Safety Director needed: The transition to distance learning has led to new costs. We are realizing that online platforms requires someone that can stay on top of Cyber issues, as well as Cyber policies (i.e upgrading Zoom to educational level, having parents/staff sign liability forms for virtual classes etc). We are in need of a volunteer in this area/specialist or the finances to cover this vital role for the safety of our children and families.



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County & The Inland Empire

Mentoring is more critical than ever, as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County & The Inland Empire’s children are now isolated at home without access to proper educational resources while also facing increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression as a result of the current crisis. Our mentors provide a lifeline to not only identify immediate needs like access to internet and academic support, but also combat the negative effects of isolation for a vulnerable population already at-risk of disconnection.

There are two ways to support Big Brothers Big Sisters through this crisis — make a donation to sustain vital relationships for children or volunteer as a mentor by signing up at



Scholars’ Hope

Disadvantaged students—100% of our participants are eligible for free/reduced- price lunch—are transformed by receiving individualized academic coaching, social-emotional guidance, and college and career readiness. The social-emotional support Scholars’ Hope provide is more important than ever as students face the challenges of COVID-19 including stress, anxiety, and grief, and to help them stay the course toward college and career readiness during this difficult time.

With your financial support, Scholars’ Hope will be able to maintain consistent program delivery through virtual platforms, helping our students navigate the educational path from poverty toward prosperity. Every size gift makes a difference.



Ronald McDonald House Orange County

The Ronald McDonald House Orange County is in large need of cleaning supplies and healthy snacks for the families served day to day.

You can take action by donating product directly to the Orange location, or by donating financially through our Emergency Fund.



Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County

CASA of Orange County is in need of more volunteers who are willing to become Court Appointed Special Advocates and work one on one with a youth in the foster care system as a mentor and advocate. CASA is expecting an influx of children entering the foster care system during this time and your critical support is needed more than ever!

Two ways to get involved with CASA – (1) attend a Zoom Information Session to learn more about becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate and is also the first step to joining the CASA Training program and (2) consider making a donation to the CASA Pinwheel Project fundraising campaign.

If you’d like to RSVP for the Zoom Information Session, please click here:


Olive Crest

The social and economic impact of COVID-19 with sheltering in place, social distancing, and schools and businesses closed has caused more stress in the home than ever, and as job uncertainty, anxiety, depression, even hunger and other basic life survival issues are compounding, children are more vulnerable now than ever. Prior to the outbreak, our families were already at high risk and as the Covid-19 crisis continues, we envision the risks increasing, meaning additional critical resources are needed to step-up the level of Olive Crest’s care and support in our community.

Olive Crest has established a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to address the specific needs arising form this crisis, which range from strengthening our IT infrastructure for remote work, providing much-needed supplies to families in critical need and funding the staff necessary to appropriately respond to the heightened need.



Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Clinical Trials and Basic Science for pediatric oncology patients are on hold while hospitals and research institutions shut down labs and practice social distancing. Researchers are staying in place at home and monitoring work remotely as best they can.

The need to accelerate research when it is safe to go back in the lab will take additional funds to make up for time lost and lab work that might not be viable with the shutdown.



School on Wheels

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating pre-existing educational inequalities between children impacted by homelessness and their housed peers, causing them to fall even further behind.

By making a donation to School on Wheels, you will help us bridge this gap and support our students and their families remotely as we focus on student access to technology, virtual tutoring, and new curriculum development, in addition to ensuring our students are safe and have access to food.



Youth Encouragement Services (YES)

Youth Encouragement Services’ kids reside in a food desert. Moreover, our parents have limited resources and are financially overextended. We recognize that sympathizing for our families is vastly different from helping to meet their needs. So, we’re rallying our supporters to take action! We need you to help us spread love and hope during this uncertain time: please consider sponsoring meals for a child, a family, or an entire community!

We ask that you join us as we venture in uncharted territory. Please continue to pray for the families we serve, and consider investing in YES kids during this most vulnerable time. $30 – Sponsors One Week of Suppers and Snacks for a YES Student, $120 – Sponsors One Week of Suppers and Snacks for a YES Family, $480 – Sponsors One Month of Suppers and Snacks for a YES Family and $5K – Sponsors One Week of Suppers and Snacks for a YES COMMUNITY!!



Share Our Selves (SOS)

COVID-19 has had a direct impact on the Share Our Selves Food Pantry. Essential grocery bags for both low-income and homeless families have started to run critically low on important nutritional items, especially proteins (chicken, beef, eggs, beans, etc.). The mass shopping effort by the general public to stock up on food essentials has increased drastically making protein donations from our local grocery store partners far less frequent.

The public can help the SOS Food Pantry by participating in our campaign Pack The Pantry. Additionally, donations of grocery gift cards can be submitted by mail or delivered in person to the SOS Food Pantry.



Junior Achievement of Orange County (JA)

Given the inability to engage students in classrooms with volunteer taught economic education programs, Junior Achievement of Orange County is working to provide digital assets to teachers and parents in an effort to reach students with interactive and meaningful content to further their understanding of how money works, how to prepare for their future careers, and how to start their own businesses. To continue our work, virtual volunteers are needed to share their career and education experiences in recorded videos and financial contributions to help sustain our operations today, tomorrow and always.

Give your time as a virtual Junior Achievement volunteer by sharing your career, work, and education experience with Orange County students via recorded videos that will be distributed through our blended learning and online channels or support our efforts to pivot to digital and virtual formats by donating, $50 provides JA programs to one Orange County student.

To learn more, send an email to:



Assistance League of Santa Ana

Families in Santa Ana are suffering from food insecurity now more than ever. We would like to expand our existing food distribution program called Soc-it-to-Hunger so that we can buy food to feed even more families, more often.

In lieu of a physical food donation drive, the public can donate funds that we will use to purchase food at discounted rates for immediate distribution to families.



Friends of Karen

Friends of Karen emotionally and financially supports families with a child with a life-threatening illness, like cancer. At least 20 percent of the families we support currently have no income, and we are responding to the increased need to feed children and parents who are now sheltering in place as schools and offices are closed.

You can help by donating to Friends of Karen so that we can provide supermarket gift cards and emergency food checks to our families in need.

Donations can be made by visiting our website and choosing COVID-19 Appeal under the This Gift is for field, or by mailing your gift to Friends of Karen, 118 Titicus Road, North Salem, NY 10560.



Human Options

Due to COVID-19, Human Options’ 24-hour hotline and family resource centers are experiencing increased calls for emergency shelter as well as calls for access to basic needs such as food, cleaning supplies, and other items so scarce for many. Because one dangerous consequence of any crisis like this is increased domestic violence, our staff has doubled our outreach efforts to current and potential clients through phone calls, social distancing in-person meetings where necessary, and social media channels—all to ensure everyone who needs it has access to safety and basic needs.

Help us continue to provide ongoing outreach by donating–every gift in any amount makes an impact.

Need help? Call 877-854-3594. Want to learn more about us? Email:



Bay Area Crisis Nursery

COVID-19 has greatly affected our programs and the families Bay Area Crisis Nursery serves. We have temporarily discontinued our volunteer program, placed projects on hold and have postponed an upcoming fundraiser. Now more than ever, we need your support.

The Bay Area Crisis Nursery’s mission is simple, yet powerful – to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing supportive services to families in crisis. We are an emergency shelter for babies and young children, but we also support families throughout the year with our diaper, food, and toiletries pantry. The Nursery is open as an essential service and will continue to be available for our families during this pandemic. We are accepting children in crisis situations and are working to expand our services to include drop-in daytime care. This will be extremely important with schools closing early and individuals looking for new jobs in the future. We are in constant contact with all families that have used our services this past year to check-in, provide resources, and support.



California Youth Services (CYS)

The school shutdowns greatly impact California Youth Services and those students and families we serve. The youth we have been helping who are suffering from poor mental health, substance abuse issues, and learning disabilities will not receive the services they have previously been provided and continue to need.

With the level of extreme concern for the future of CYS, we make this plea and ask our donor community to contribute to California Youth Services now as many young lives count on your donations.



Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc.

Many domestic violence abuse survivors are trapped as they shelter in their homes and cannot even make a call to our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline safely. While we are working with survivors and their children in new ways, including accommodating and providing learning labs and school work assistance during the school outage, we expect an increased call volume in the coming weeks as restrictions are lifted from the COVID-19 health pandemic.

Our most pressing need during this crisis is funding to continue to keep services available for survivors and their children, and to be able to accommodate the increase in calls once the conditions of the pandemic subside.



Charles Hall Youth & Family Services

All of Charles Hall Youth Services’ youth have been confined to one group home with no physical contact with their families, so we are need of tablets so that these youth are able to stay connected through zoom or skype. We also need handmade masks to keep our youth and staff safe.

We are asking that the public make masks, donate used tablets or donate funds for our agency to buy tablets.



Families Forward

Families Forward exists to help families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, food, counseling, education, and other support services. Families without housing are particularly at-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families Forward has seen an exponential increase in need for food assistance and emergency housing support for vulnerable families impacted by the crisis.

Families Forward is in critical need of funding and non-perishable food items, diapers, baby wipes, safety items and disinfectant cleaning supplies. Donate today to provide food to those in need and sustain critical programs keeping families safe and housed during this crisis.



Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County

The Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County believes that Every Child Deserves the Chance to Shine, and the Show Must Go On. It simply MUST, We are doing our best to keep the education going for our deserving students with Broadway Dreams, but we are dangerously close to not being able to cover rent and bills or pay our qualified staff of industry professionals, who have strived to continue bringing their best during this time of crisis.

All tax deductible donations of ANY size would help, and we thank Festival of Children Foundation for their support of the Arts and of us.



Museum of Teaching and Learning

The COVID-19 crisis has meant that the school districts and colleges that were about to lease our traveling exhibitions have had to cancel/postpone their contracts. 2) The two fundraisers that were planned for spring have been cancelled/postponed.

At the start of 2020 the Museum of Teaching and Learning budgeted ahead for major expenses, but we will require “flash funding” by the end of April to support our work as we switch from in-person, income-producing strategies to online techniques to enact our mission: We educate people about education.



Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Nicklaus Children’s COVID-19 Fund helps fortify our hospital and patients so we can continue providing life-saving care during these uncertain times. All donations to the COVID-19 Fund will support Nicklaus Children’s patients, their families and healthcare workers who have been affected in any way, in addition to supporting efforts that allow us to innovate and adapt to our rapidly evolving environment.

The fund will help support the greatest needs, which could range from any of the following: patient visits for those who can’t pay; hotel stays for families who need to quarantine; healthcare workers who need to take time off to self-quarantine; programs we need to put in place to stay nimble in our response; and medical supplies and equipment.



Healthy Schools Network

Healthy Schools Network is a small nonprofit with a big mission in children’s environmental health, and despite our small size, many national awards for our work. We have tracked and responded to disasters with help for children ever since 9/11.
COVID 19, the disease, is caused by a novel coronavirus. The new virus can be deactivated with soap and water, or hydrogen peroxide, or simple bleach. But, the chemical industry (Am Chemistry Council) is preying on federal and state offices, schools, and childcares to buy highly hazardous and even untested, aka, ‘emerging’ disinfectants to kill this virus, while safer disinfectants are accessible and do the job.

Healthy Schools Network is seeking emergency funding of up to $25,000 to seed a campaign on safer and effective disinfectants, identify and respond to mis-information in media, and provide online support for k-12 associations like school superintendents and school boards, as well as schools and childcares, with cleaning and disinfection questions.

To learn more about this issue, we have two web portals: CleaningforHealthySchools: Natl Healthy Schools Day > Plan Your Activity page with resources on cleaning and disinfection, as well as on tips for holea



Project Access

Low-income families and seniors have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Project Access is in need of volunteers to conduct wellness check-ins with residents to address their needs and donation of household items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and water.

Project Access has remote volunteer opportunities to keep you and our residents safe—volunteers are needed to check-in with residents over the phone.



The Autism Community in Action (TACA)

On March 16, for the first time after 20 years of services, The Autism Community in Action (TACA) had to cancel nearly 100 educational events nationally and 22 planned for Orange County, Calif. in response to COVID-19. At the same time, community organizations across the country cancelled their National Autism Awareness Month fundraising events to benefit TACA.

We quickly pivoted moving all of our in-person support to online tools bringing resources directly to families in the safety of their homes. It’s working! The following are comments from two parents: “Panic attacks super bad today. I needed this….” “Thank you for making this webinar available to families! There’s so much fear of failure, parents are having right now with services cancelled. TACA truly is empowering and giving hope to families in one of their greatest times of need.”

In order to continue to bring resources and hope to the more than 72,000 individuals we serve and the 600 new people that monthly contact TACA for support, we need your help. Any donation you can give today will change the future for families living with autism.



Theatre of Youth

Theatre of Youth (TOY) is Western New York’s only professional theatre company dedicated to children and their families. Due to Coronavirus, TOY canceled all programming (including 2 main stage shows, education workshops and annual fundraiser) from March 13-June. Of course, we cannot predict what will happen as this pandemic continues to unfold but without programming, TOY has lost a large amount of revenue.

With such a loss, we humbly seek your generous donations and/or special funding opportunities. We ask you to invest in our future, so we may better serve generations to come.



Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County (Healthy Smiles)

With the outbreak of COVID-19, school districts and community agencies informed Healthy Smiles that all dental services would be cancelled effective immediately and until further notice– in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Overnight, we shutdown all of our mobile dental units and our outreach events. A small percentage of our patients have urgent needs and with the halt of all our services these vulnerable children are likely to experience significant dental issues. It is our obligation to provide emergency services to these patients during this trying time. However, due to the significant loss of revenue, it has been a challenge to recruit doctors to cover our emergency call line. We cannot abandon our patients, and we are working diligently day and night to make sure we can be available to our patients in some capacity.

As a non-profit, we rely on grants and donations to keep our doors open and keep our dental practice running. We are as dedicated as ever to serve those who do not have access to care but cannot realistically do so without additional funding.



Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities

Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities is committed to the health and well-being of our families, volunteers and staff. Our team is working diligently to address concerns and prevent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our two Ronald McDonald Houses. To maintain the safety of our families, we have suspended our volunteer program and are not allowing visitors to our Houses through the end of April. Our Houses depend upon volunteers to operate and provide meals to families. The suspension of our volunteer and meal programs has created a critical need for us to cover the cost of feeding and caring for our families. The financial impact on our organization as a result of this global health crisis is yet unknow.

There are several ways you can make a difference and support our mission: Give today at; Donate gift cards or schedule to have catered food delivered by contacting Dee Dee Ebert, our volunteer services manager, at Food should be delivered between the hours of 10 a.m. to noon and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at our Houses. Forward this message to a friend who shares your passion for supporting children and families. Like and share our weekly Wish List posts on your favorite social media channel.



The Valerie Fund

Valerie Fund children are under our care because they are undergoing treatment for cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. Their families’ financial and emotional situations are exponentially affected, as many families already had given up a salary so one parent could care for their sick child.

You can help us fulfill emergency funding needs with cash donations that will be used to purchase grocery gift cards for families or small grants to make sure they have the basics by clicking the special link on our home page.



Youth in Arts

With the schools closed, Youth in Arts’ core programs, Artists in Schools and Arts Unite Us, are halted. The income and support from these programs have long sustained Youth in Arts, and our Mentor Artists. Now we find ourselves without that financial foundation for the first time in nearly 50 years.

When the school closure announcement was made we quickly stepped in with our YIA Cre8tes free live-streamed arts activities – filling the artistic void left in students’ day, and offering caregivers an easy 8 minute visual arts or dance lesson to keep kids on their toes. A gift of just $8 will help support our #YIAcre8tes live-streams for hundreds of students throughout the country, and ensure that creativity is part of our children’s lives
now and beyond.



Pathway School

During this challenging Covid -19 pandemic, Pathway School has adapted to meet the ever changing needs of our community by taking our classrooms virtual on March 18th, as well as our Annual Pathway of Hope fundraiser on March 28th. Our staff have stayed diligent and been able to maintain the learning environment our students need by meeting with them daily to give instruction in the core subjects, such as math, reading and history as well as continue to provide their scheduled group inventions and individualized learning services via our virtual platform.

Due to the last minute format change in our annual fundraiser, we have only raised 58% of our fundraiser’s goal so we need your support today to help us continue to provide tuition assistance to our families in need.



Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

Our magical Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, designed by kids for everyone, is silent and dark, no laughter, no programs, only the cooing of the turtle doves in the entry. A once vibrant delightful place, a treasure to this rural community, is threatened by this closure as are so many small businesses and nonprofits.

If we can make it through these next few months my dream, as it’s founder, is to offer the museum with FREE admission to our hurting community. Three months? Six months… my dream is to make it so everyone can come without the worry of expense… supporting one another, a gift to ease our pain.

For offline donations, or questions, please email: email



Kids’ Turn San Diego

For any parent who has been financially affected by COVID-19, they are able to attend Kids’Turn San Diego’s virtual Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families Program with a deposit of only $50 and a promise to pay the remaining balance of $350 when they return to their jobs. Your gift will help families attend the Family Workshop now without the worry of cost and ensure that KTSD has the resources to continue serving children and families well into the future.

You can help by donating general funds to ensure Kids’ Turn San Diego can meet payroll while we await for families to return to work and pay for their services or specific gifts to cover our mailing of curriculum costs. To get involved email:



MIND Research Institute

Due to COVID 19 related school closures, there is an unprecedented demand for quality education resources that children can access from home. MIND Research Institute is working to address this need by offering our award-winning ST Math program free to any K-8 grade student or school nationwide until the end of the school year.

As a result, in just two weeks, over 500,000 new students have enrolled in the program, and we need your support so that we can continue to provide more children with engaging and effective math education that is accessible from home.



Think Together

Families in Costa Mesa’s Shalimar neighborhood where Think Together’s Shalimar Learning Center operates are in dire need of household basics as a result of losing their hourly pay jobs due to business closures mandated by COVID-19. At Shalimar, Think Together provides robust after school and summer learning opportunities from Pre-K through high school.

In highest demand are store gift cards: (Smart and Final, Stater Bros, Ralph’s, VISA for El Matate) to offset a lack of income, and household items: food (canned/produce/bread), baby food & diapers, and cleaning supplies, which can be dropped off at Shalimar on Tuesdays from 8:00-10:00am.

For more information or to make a gift, please contact



GiGi’s Playhouses Down Syndrome Achievement Centers

GiGi’s Playhouses Down Syndrome Achievement Centers facilitates 4,400 FREE therapeutic and educational program hours to 25,000 families of individuals with Down syndrome each week. We have had to close our playhouses and suspend programming but we are implementing virtual programming to fill this life altering void.

We need funding and volunteers to help facilitate more virtual one on one and group setting programs.



The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has experienced a blood shortage due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the widespread cancellations of blood drives at corporations and schools. There is no known end date in this fight against the coronavirus and the Red Cross needs the help of blood and platelet donors and blood drive hosts to maintain a sufficient blood supply for weeks to come. Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood and there is no substitute. Blood is perishable and cannot be stockpiled.

Register to donate whole blood, platelets, or plasma to help ensure the health of patients in need. Find a blood drive near you here: or download the Blood Donor App.



UCP of Orange County

UCP of Orange County serves some of our community’s most vulnerable and historically marginalized children. All of the children we serve have an identifiable disability or developmental delay; most are also immuno-compromised. Now more than ever, this pandemic underscores the urgency of the health needs of special needs children, in addition to the dire need for family support. UCP-OC remains committed to continuing our programs in the face of the outbreak. We have transitioned our Pediatric Therapy Program to a telehealth platform following the temporary closure of our center, and our Respite Program continues to provide in-home caregiving services to special needs parents working in essential sectors, or those who must leave their home for life-sustaining supplies during this time.

COVID-19 has unfortunately resulted in UCP-OC struggling to financially support our core programs due to a significant loss of fundraising and programmatic revenue in just a matter of weeks, a difficult and sobering situation to confront as we look to the future of the 5,300 children and families we strive to serve every year. Please consider donating to help kids continue to reach their full potential and improve the quality of life for their families at UCP-OC. Your gift today will make an immediate impact on the life of a special needs child.



The Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

The Brooklyn Kindergarten Society was founded in 1891 and provides early childhood learning activities and supportive services to more than 400 children and families living in Central Brooklyn. We are in need of personal care items including diapers, baby wipes, soap, toothpaste and feminine hygiene products for our families impacted by COVID-19. About a third of our families have lost employment as a result of the crisis and are in need of these critical supplies and support.

We are in need of Product Donations and Funding to support emergency supplies.



Project Youth OCBF

As a result of the COVID-19 and after the closing of schools and local businesses, Project Youth OCBF families are losing their jobs, our kids are living in very crowded conditions, some are experiencing homelessness, other kids are alone at school far from home, hungry, no transportation and no jobs. We are requesting support to cover basic needs: food, baby items, diapers, wipes, hygiene supplies, and others. Donations can be done via our site and/or gift cards to offer to our clients.

Please donate online or provide gift cards to grocery stores and any other major stores: Walmart, Target, Costco, Stater Brothers, etc.

To get involved, or learn more, go to: or email:



Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc.

The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. is need of updated technology due to the need to provide academic distance learning services statewide. It is also necessary to support specific members of the staff with faster internet services as they do not have settings that are equipped to do distance teaching with their current equipment.

The one action step can be to go our website and make a donation for technological needs or offer to do virtual mentoring to pregnant and parenting teen families.



Orange County Rescue Mission

Orange County Rescue Mission has been ACTIVATED by the Orange County Emergency Operations Center OA/EOC to provide logistical support and coordination of all gift in-kind donations for the entire County of Orange. We will receive material donations requested by the OA/EOC and then distribute them through county and non-profit agencies in Orange County to support the various needs of our low-income and dependent residents. In addition to the costs for a three-month supply of food and hygiene products across our 12 Rescue Mission campuses for the homeless families and individuals we serve, we estimate these emergency expenditures to be $384,000 to support the most vulnerable in all of Orange County.

Those wishing to help provide crucial support to vulnerable and at-risk populations can do so by contributing to this need.



The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Anaheim-Cypress

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Anaheim-Cypress is continuing its mission and doing whatever it takes to help those who need us most during these difficult times. Our communities are in need of cleaning supplies and canned foods. As you may know, Anaheim and Cypress have the greatest concentration of at-risk children and families in all of Orange County. 75% of our young members fall well below the poverty line and all of them rely on us for daily lunch and dinner. Many Club families are struggling to make ends meet. Our team is distributing over 500 meals twice a week to the community, but we need additional support to continue. To help Club families and our communities, our team got creative and launched our “Club at Home” virtual program, we are offering case management services and are working on an online literacy program. We are doing our best to help those who need us most, but we need monetary support to continue all the services we are offering during these challenging times.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Anaheim-Cypress is looking for canned food donations and COVID-19 Relief funding to help us continue, “To inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as caring, responsible, productive citizens.”



StandUp for Kids

StandUp for Kids is seeing this “on the ground” – STREET YOUTH • AT-RISK MIDDLE- AND HIGH-SCHOOL YOUTH and COLLEGE STUDENTS FACING HOMELESSNESS – Increased stress and mental health challenges due to expanded search for resources Increased health issues due to virus exposure, rain & cold exposure – Increased economic challenges due to job loss; more demand for services companies hiring, etc. – Families without computers/internet connections cannot ‘attend’ school or complete assignments o Youth are more stressed due to family situations, close quarters, etc. o Families have less resources due to job loss -Parents cannot pay rent – Overcrowding and no place to quarantine sick family – Increased need for food, hygiene – More students will fail their classes or drop out due to reduced internet access o Social safety net has collapsed, Students losing housing due to closed dorms, less options for couch surfing

If you are willing and able we need your help. We have needs for: Funding to help support housing needs that are already beginning to stretch budgetary limits. Sharing our organization and our mission to others who may be able to help. In Kind donations of food and hygiene/housing items.

To support email:



Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services

Jacob’s Heart’s #1 priority during the COVID-19 crisis is keeping children and families housed, fed and emotionally supported:Our families need immediate emergency rent assistance to keep seriously ill children in their homes, a need that is burgeoning by the day – we are reassessing this need monthly as the pandemic evolves; We have doubled our deliveries of groceries and basic living supplies – no volunteers, only staff – including an increase in deliveries of groceries and supplies to the doorsteps of families; We are continuing to provide clean, reliable, transportation to medically necessary appointments with Hearts & Hands Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, special COVID-19 precautions are in place; and We are increasing crisis counseling hours by phone or in person as needed.

We have set up an emergency relief fund in which 100% (no overhead) will go to pay rent for low-income families caring for a child with cancer or another life-threatening illness.

Learn more:



Miracles for Kids

Miracles for Kids conducted a phone check-in with patient families this week, and the reported impact from the COVID-19 pandemic is startling: of the 263 families contacted, 19% have already been affected by job loss, 25% feel at-risk of job loss, 44% have more than one source of income and have had a combination of job loss and risk for loss, 20% are at-risk of eviction and 32% are at-risk of not paying their utility bills.

Miracles for Kids is in need of special funding to be directed towards families with a critically-ill child who are facing the combined impact of their child’s critical illness, a devastated economy, and the effects of COVID on their child’s already compromised immune system.



Glamour Gals

Senior isolation is at 100%.

Through the forward thinking and passionate action of our teen leader network, GlamourGals is facilitating safe and helpful way for our volunteers to continue to connect with seniors. Kind note writing, Be a part of our virtual Glammy ceremony, Color and share our coloring book pages!



World Savvy

Due to Covid-19, World Savvy made the difficult decision to cancel our spring events: the World Savvy Festivals in Minnesota and the Bay Area, which serve as the culminating event of our World Savvy Classrooms program where students get to share the results of our project-based learning model for creating community change, as well as postpone our World of Good fundraising event. We have also experienced some interruption in programming with schools being closed and educators transitioning to online instruction, which we have utilized as a chance to pivot and utilize our resources and coaching practice to support educators during this transition; we are currently in the process of assisting educators in hosting online “Festivals” and student showcases to ensure continuity of programming, and helping with additional creative resources to ease the transition to online teaching and learning.

World Savvy is launching a $400K campaign to fund our pivot to supporting educators digitally and acquiring the technology and expertise needed to bring at least 75% of what we do online in the coming months; this will help us to support educators in the near-term as well as expand our long-term capacity to serve educators in diverse geographies across the country.

For inquiries you can email Whitney Larson at:



Team Kids

Team Kids implements our empirically-validated Team Kids Challenge Program in elementary schools to empower students to become powerful advocates, to address our community’s most critical issues. With schools closed, our staff is hard at work to reimagine our school-based program into a free, virtual, video-based remote community service and leadership program, dubbed Team Kids Unite. With Team Kids programs delivered in OC, LA, Phoenix, Arlington (VA) and NYC, we have the opportunity to reach, create a sense of empowerment/safety for kids, and share their voice of compassion and hope with the nation, and our school districts are eager for program.

In order to successfully create and launch a new program during these surreal times, Team Kids has opportunities for others to help with financial support, and volunteers who can assist with (remote) video production, website integration, video product donation, and virtual meeting technology.

(Tho program details not yet shared publicly) and as the founder/CEO of Team Kids, I’d be happy to connect with those interested in partnering with us:



Laura’s House

Laura’s house is currently in need of urgent supplies for our emergency shelter and transitional living sites.

We are asking the community to help us by donating through our Amazon Wish List which will be delivered to a safe location so that our shelter can receive it.



Casa Youth Shelter

Casa Youth Shelter provides safe shelter, counseling and support services to homeless, runaway, abused and at-risk youth in crisis.Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, school closures, and stay-at-home orders, many families are experiencing increased levels of economic insecurity, stress and family conflict, and the youth we serve are more vulnerable than ever. As an essential service for our community, our crisis hotline and shelter doors remain open 24/7. However, shelter in place orders and a limited staff onsite have deeply disrupted our ability to raise funds and acquire necessary items to keep our shelter clean, our pantry full, and our support services available as we expand our program to include remote counseling and parenting support during this crisis.

To help meet the critical and escalating needs of the youth and families we serve, we respectfully ask for monetary donations, pre-packaged or commercially prepared foods, paper goods, cleaning supplies and hygiene products.



Children’s Cancer Center

The current economic state due to COVID-19 could have long-term effects on the financial security, quality of life, and future well-being of an entire family with a child battling pediatric cancer. Our #FuelingFamilies Campaign helps ensure families have basic necessities like gas in their car for doctor appointments and hospital visits and food on their table to provide for their children.

Make an immediate difference in the life of a child battling cancer and support businesses by purchasing a virtual gift card to your favorite restaurant or gas station and in turn, the Children’s Cancer Center will fuel a family in need.

All virtual gift cards and any questions can be sent to our Programs and Family Services Coordinator, Ashley Myers, at



Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley

The COVID-19 crisis impact on Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley is obviously huge, as not only are we unable to serve our kids with robust after school programming, our revenues will be dramatically impacted. We have canceled our spring golf tournament and annual gala, two events that contribute a significant amount to our annual operations budget and ongoing fundraising activities will be interrupted. These are the very investments that enable us to effectively serve more than 1,800 kids every year.

Please consider an investment in the future of our kids, no gift is too small.



The Eli Home

Due to the covid-19 crisis, The Eli Home has had to cancel two fundraisers and a supporting charity’s event has been cancelled—totaling a loss of $100,000 to date—disabling our fundraising ability to support our programs such as counseling, life skills training, anger management classes for both moms and children, financial literacy classes, access to any remaining mom and/or family recovery program classes, appointments, and to ongoing sobriety celebrations/meetings. In addition, our Social Enterprise—a General/Thrift Store—has experienced a lower sales volume, and without revenue we cannot meet the payroll, mortgage, and other operating expense of our residential recovery center, which serves homeless mothers recovering from addictions and their children.

We ask that any donor who wishes to provide financial support donate at our website or send your donation to The Eli Home, Inc., 1175 N. East Street, Anaheim, CA 92805.



Pacific Marine Mammal Center

As a result of COVID-19, Pacific Marine Mammal Center has since modified our operations, as many other businesses have had to do. We have limited the presence at our Center to bare bones staffing, but with our visitor yard closing, our educational field trips put on hold, and our fundraising events delayed or cancelled, our donations and other income sources have been crippled.

During these extraordinary times, Pacific Marine Mammal Center is offering free virtual educational events for children, seniors, children’s hospitals, and others to uplift and unite the community as we adapt to the necessary social distancing in response to COVID-19. We hope to get these distance learning programs underwritten. Programs can be accessed here:



Down Syndrome Association of Orange County

Down Syndrome Association of Orange County realizes that even after this virus emergency fades, people are still going to be scared about gathering, especially when they have children with autoimmune issues and other medical concerns, such as our children with Down syndrome have, we need to have plans in place to continue serving our community through the use of technology. To do this, we will need a subscription to a program like Zoom that can have 100+ people on simultaneously, and a recording device/Bluetooth camera (with green screen) so we can continue with important therapy and teen/adult mental wellness programs and get the information shared electronically.

Down Syndrome Association of Orange County would be grateful for any monetary donation or product donation of the following: 1 year subscription to Zoom or similar product.Recording device/Bluetooth camera (and green screen-optional) so we can continue with our important seminars and therapies by having the facilitator record at our Center and then we share with our families. We see this issue on-going and people will not be comfortable gathering in groups for quite some time.

Interested parties can email the Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County, Kellie Perez at .



Community Action Partnership of Orange County

The OC Food bank provides essential food staples to more than 300 hunger-fighting agency and 24,000 seniors each month. Due to the increased need surrounding COVID-19 our donated food supplies are dangerously low. We need the support of individuals to make donations to help support our ability to purchase and provide emergency food boxes to those in need. You can make online contributions at or or mail checks to 11870 Monarch Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841. If interested in making a contribution you can also contact LaShanda Maze (714) 897-6670 ext. 5301.

Individuals can support by either volunteering to pack boxes by signing up at, launch a Virtual Food Drive at where you can share with families and friends to help raise funds to help the increased need, donate food product or support us with major donations to help alleviate the increased need in Orange County. We are estimating it will cost us approximately $385,000 to purchase needed items such as rice, pasta, oats, protein and more to meet the basic needs of at least 200,000 OC residents. Each truckload of emergency food is $35,000.



Pretend City Children’s Museum

Since Pretend City Children’s Museum has temporarily closed, and like everyone else we do not know when we will re-open, we are extremely limited in how we can support our community’s youngest children and their caregivers. We have responded with developmentally appropriate programming through our Pretend City @ Home, free virtual activities for children ages 0-8 and their caregivers.

Please consider sponsoring our Pretend City @ Home initiative either as an exclusive or partial sponsor; thank you!

Questions can be directed to:



Bolsa Chica Conservancy

The Bolsa Chica Conservancy has lost a lot of volunteer working power at a crucial time in the growing season in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Bolsa Chica Conservancy has also lost a huge source of funding in the form of lost field trip donations, which we use to fund and maintain our programs.

In the current health crisis, donations of trash bags, trash pickers, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, disinfecting wipes, and monetary donations will go a long way in keeping our staff well stocked and operating with sterile tools.

Questions can be directed to:



Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach

So much of Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach’s fundraising efforts depends on direct and in person contact with our stakeholders, local businesses, organizations, and donors. We have had to cancel our annual Art of Giving Gala, our largest and most important fundraiser of the year. However, we hope to maintain as much of our current staff as possible to develop and implement distance learning programs and opportunities to connect to our members. In order to do this we need help from those in the community that can support us financially during this crisis.

We are currently running Campaign to Gain, a digital peer to peer campaign where we are asking the community to create a page and tell their story of how the Boys & Girls Club has impacted their families life and share this page on social media and across their digital contacts. Our goal is to engage the entire community to donate a small amount that will hopefully add up to a large amount to support our virtual enrichment programs and youth development staff during these tough times.

For more information visit our website.



Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire

To date, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire has had to postpone more than 50 wishes to ensure our wish kids and families are safe. We urgently need your financial support to ensure that wishes for children who have been waiting will be granted.

You can make a financial contribution to our organization or donate your airline miles to help us grant more wishes for children battling critical illnesses.



Seneca Family of Agencies

Seneca Family of Agencies staff are doing whatever it takes to continue supporting children and families through this challenging time. Although the majority of community-based and economic functions we’ve taken for granted in our daily lives have come to a virtual halt, vulnerable children and families in our community—now more vulnerable than they have been before—continue to need Seneca’s services. There are still children in foster care searching for their forever families, still children who depend on our mental health services to heal from past trauma, and still relative caregivers who have taken on the challenge of raising relative kin. Despite this deviation from normalcy, Seneca’s commitment to the children in our community remains unchanged.

The shelter-in-place order has meant that we are struggling to access the traditional government funding that supports our programs. In order to address the growing and urgent needs for our children and families, and to ensure our caregivers’ needs continue to be met, we are respectfully asking for you to consider making any donation.



Los Angeles Mission

Thousands of Los Angeles Mission’s friends and neighbors across LA are at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. They have no way to properly wash their hands and no designated site for testing. They can’t stay home and self-quarantine the way that most Americans are instructed to do.You can help Los Angeles Mission respond and meet the need.



Caridad Center

Caridad Center, Florida’s largest free and charitable clinic for 5,000 poor, uninsured PBC residents, needs funds to support Front-Line Direct Care Staff (in full protection gear) who are delivering health services to our most vulnerable patients, those with chronic illnesses (in need of medications) or those experiencing emergencies (COV-19, dental, and vision).

Donations of any amount will help keep our brave staff on the front lines.



The Priority Center

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the governor’s mandate for “shelter in place,” The Priority Center made the difficult and unprecedented decision to postpone our Superheroes Gala, one of the agency’s most impactful philanthropic events, to this fall. Though we have postponed the gala, we cannot postpone the essential services that we provide Orange County’s most vulnerable children and families.

With this disruption in fundraising, our operating revenue has decreased dramatically and we are in need of your generous help and support now more than ever in order to continue our mission.



Glade Run Lutheran Services

As the provider of an essential, live giving service, Glade Run Lutheran Services has identified a need for additional technology to enable our staff and teachers to provide telehealth and online education to our children, adults and families.

Product donation of ipads and laptops, or funding to purchase these items, is an opportunity for those who are able and willing to help.



George Mark Children’s Home (GMCH)

Medical supplies are a crucial need for George Mark Children’s House. GMCH serves children with life-limiting conditions at no cost to their families, and is currently providing End of Life care to children. As a result of temporarily suspending our Respite program to protect our patients with compromised immune systems, we have lost important reimbursements. With the funding shortfall, we have more limited funds to purchase needed medical supplies.

George Mark Children’s House is in need of medical supplies to serve our patients. A donation of $100 will purchase 25 masks. A donation of $250 will purchase two boxes of gloves. Please make a tax deductible donation to GMCH to help us purchase masks, gloves, and other needed medical supplies.




Children’s Law Center of California (CLC)

Children’s Law Center (CLC) is in need if laptops and electronic devices that will allow children to connect with parents and loved ones in addition to completing homework now that schools have gone remote. Another critical need is baby items like diapers, wipes, formula, and gift cards for emergency food and basic living items. CLC is also collecting funds four our Client Needs Fund to assist clients facing homelessness or termination of utilities.

The public can visit CLC Amazon Charity Wish List Here, or our donation page to donate to our Client Needs fund. 100% of proceeds will go to our clients in emergency situations.

Click to learn More about Children’s Law Center of California or How to Help Children in Foster Care



Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley

Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley is fighting to stay open to provide childcare for the children of essential service providers, like healthcare, grocery store workers, and first responders, but, it costs more to stay open than to close. Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley has had to lay off half our staff and close half our sites and we are in dire need of donations to be able to continue to provide childcare for essential service provider families.

You can make a donation to join the fight to keep our doors open – OR, if you are an essential services provider who needs childcare, you can register online.

To register for childcare:



YMCA of Orange County

There is a need for child care for those that are providing essential services. The YMCA of Orange County is currently offering care at 28 locations with expansions occurring daily.

The YMCA of Orange County could use monetary donations to help support and ensure that they can offer the child care for essential services.



Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI)

As they navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, RMHC-CNI holds firm to thier commitment to provide meals and resources in a safe and supportive environment where families with hospitalized children can continue to get better together. Out of an abundance of caution, they have suspended their volunteer led meal program which will dramatically reduce the number of visitors and outside delivery staff to thier Ronald McDonald Houses and Family Rooms, further reducing risk to families.

Please donate to purchase meals and other basic needs for families staying at their Chicagoland Houses and Family Rooms.



The Dance Foundation

The Dance Foundation anticipate’s Alabama keeping schools closed for the rest of the year, and they would follow that status for their programs. This will result in a significant financial hardship. Programs therefore will not be able to run which serve children of all ages abilities and circumstances in our community.

Please donate.



Family Support Network

Family Support Network’s emergency needs donations that are used to serve our families have diminished due to our current COVID-19 situation.

Family support Network is in need of the following emergency needs items for our low income and special needs population that we serve: Diapers, wipes, non perishable food ,baby formula, pack n plays, , hygiene packs and cleaning supplies.



Speech & Language Development Center (SLDC)

SLDC is a school and therapy center for children and adults with special needs. Asking to participate in eLearning or distance learning activities presents a unique challenge for all students (and teachers), but especially special education students.

In order to connect their students with the services they need to continue to make progress, they will need financial donations to make significant upgrades to their technology, including investing in the ability to work remotely for staff, software to connect to teachers and therapists to their students, and the devices their students need to gain access.

Donate and support our distance learning and tele-health efforts for our students.



Puttin’ On Productions

Due to Coronavirus, Puttin’ On Production’s students cannot attend workshops or classes at their studio. Without this income, they are in jeopardy of losing a large amount of revenue. Their productions are set to go in May and June and depending on how long this lasts, they have already paid for the venue, and salaries of staff which is recouped by tickets sales that will not happen or be drastically reduced.

You can donate to POPs in one of several ways! Money – to help fund the salaries of our staff who whether we perform or not are dependent on us to live – they are not full time staff many of them and paid hourly. • In-kind donations – this will help us fund an online auction that we are launching to help off-set funds that could have been lost – any items, experiences or other opportunities, new products, etc will be accepted.



Adopt the Arts

Adopt the Arts would like to keep their staff of 5 employees working through the end of the school year as they find ways to make the most of the quarantine.

Please donate.




South County Outreach

South County Outreach is experiencing a 20% increase in the number of homeless clients visiting the food pantry on a weekly basis, and the overall number of individuals receiving food pantry services is up 23% when compared to the same period in 2019. In an effort to increase nutrition in low-income households, our focus has been on providing fresh food options for client shoppers, but essential perishable food donations are currently down 90% (as much of it comes from grocery rescue) due to store inventory controls, and the agency has had to utilize 7 months of funding allocated for food purchase this month, alone.

In an effort to meet the growing need, South County Outreach is increasing its fundraising efforts and researching new and/or revised funding sources who are seeking to help the community during these times of economic and health crises, and is in need of critical cash donations for our Homeless and Hunger Prevention programs.



Heritage Museum of Orange County

Every school year nearly 18,000 students visit Heritage Museum to participate in hands-on, educational programs. This school year, nearly half will not visit as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

With the loss of half Heritage Museum of Orange County’s annual non-profit revenue stream, they humbly seek community support in the form of special funding opportunities.



META Foundation

The META (Making Education the Answer) Foundation provides college scholarships to low-income Latinx youth from throughout Southern California. With colleges and universities now closed with classes online, many META Scholars have lost work-study jobs, access to on-campus housing, access to on-campus food, access to a great Internet connection and more.

The META Scholars Emergency Fund was established specifically to address these needs so that their scholars can finish the semester/quarter on a strong note.