Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Founder & Executive Director

Sandra (Sandy) Segerstrom Daniels, businesswoman and children’s advocate, has championed the welfare of children for more than 15 years, first by founding the national, non-profit Festival of Children Foundation in 2003, and then in 2008, by spearheading the effort behind National Child Awareness Month each September. Both were created to serve the same purpose: to improve the lives of all children in the United States.

Sandy also serves as a co-managing partner of C. J. Segerstrom & Sons, a family-owned real estate partnership, which owns and operates South Coast Plaza, a renowned, luxury international shopping destination in Orange County, California, and the largest shopping center on the West Coast.

From a young age and inspired by her parents Hal and Jeanette Segerstrom, Sandy has long been inspired by the incredible work of charities, especially those that support the needs and dreams of children. With experience in the business and non-profit community, she also understands that charities often need help when it comes to running an efficient, well-marketed, and well-funded organization, and that their ability to succeed in these areas translates directly into their ability to help children.

Under the leadership of Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Festival of Children Foundation is comprised of the board of trustees, the business council, the executive team, and volunteers who generously dedicate their time and effort to our mission.

Business Council

Ren Arrogante:
CEO, A2B Access Solutions

Austin Brown:
Founder, ABMC

Tim Cadiente:
Founding Partner, Barton Perreira

Michael Cho:
Attorney of Council, Palmieri, Tyler, Attorneys at Law

Jean Chung:
Director of Marketing, French Cormany Insurance

Jennifer Fisher:
Assistant Director, Programs, Marshall School of Business,
Executive Education, at University of Southern California

Erik Hoopingarner:
Director of Sales and Operations & Partner, LayerCake

Christian Jacobs:
Creator, Yo Gabba! Gabba!

Sherylrose Ong:

Marketing Manager, Experian

Rená Puebla:
Owner, Coast Concierge

Cherie Rolapp:
Co-Founder, Momentum Collective

Chet Saguyod:
Vice President, Western Region, Optima Steel International

Patty Sharpe:
Owner, The Woodshed

Tom Wilson:
President & CEO, Wilson Advisors, Inc.

Executive Team

Cassady Taylor
Executive Director of Marketing & Public Relations
(714) 438-3205

Eileen Daniher
Director of Programs
(714) 438-3286

Cathy Dicken
(714) 309-8537